what happens if i snort advil pm
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My friend wants to snort advil. ..she heard from someone that when you snort advil you feel awesome and just wonderful. ..if someone could

what happens if i snort advil pm

tell me what really .

What would happen if i snort excedrin. What will happen if i crush up some Excedrin and snort it? ChaCha Answer: According to some people who do drugs, you won't get .

Pretty simple question, can't find any direct answers online, but is it okay to mix . It's not exactly good for your liver, but no it won't kill you. . Alright .

What happens if I snort an advil pm? The KGB Agent answer: Not Medical Advice: Snorting Advil isn't fatal but it could hurt or burn your nostrils. Snorting it makes .

What happens is I what happens if i snort advil pm snort advil pm? The KGB Agent answer: Not Medical Advice: You can severely damage your nasal cavity and tissues by snorting any drugs.

Answers for What happens when you snort Klonopin:Klonopin isn't. If you go to bed high will you be high when you wake up. Can you shoot crack; Do you smoke weed?

[Archive] Can Tylenol Pm kill you? Archive - OD. Ibuprophen = Advil I suggest you guys leave the first aid kits alone. Unless you. Best Answer: an overdose of .

Lately I've been feeling really weird. ? For about 3 wks now, I've been getting really hungry, I've had a dry mouth (like cotton mouth) and have felt very .

What would happen if I took Benadryl that expired a year ago? ChaCha Answer: You should be okay. Usually when drugs/prescriptions exp.

Whenever you "snort" any type of crushed pill (or inject it, for that matter) particles go into your lungs. For the most part,it is benign, but since your lungs aren .

Has anyone had this happen to you in the hospital? Go in for a severe pain and what happens if i snort advil pm when the doctor cant find anything they say your just in depression and faking your .

What happens if you forget to take your ritalin: What happens if you forget to take your ritalin | Proactive logical fallacies | What s the difference between yellow .

you die.

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